Talent Acquisition, Employee Retention,  Training & Development, Employee Relations

Talent Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment

Are you looking for talent from just reviewing a typical job description? Human Resources Enhanced ensures we find skilled talented candidates for your business needs. As well as ensuring your team understands the importance of Diversity & Inclusion when hiring. Diversity & Inclusion is "Cultural Awareness, Valued Asset & Belonging".

Employee Retention

Turnover rates are a daily struggle for businesses. Human Resources provides Employee retentions strategies to ensure you have successful, loyal and happy employees. Competitive Salary & Benefits Package, Great Work Life Balance, Rewards and Incentive Programs, Mentorship Programs & Internal Promotions Plans. 

Marketing & Branding

Do we really need to say it?! Social Media, Social Media, Social Media! Social Media is the MOST effective way of brand messaging and lead capturing when looking for applicants. Human Resources Enhanced uses many social media channels to leverage their network to find top talent.

Training & Development

Human Resources Enhanced ensures your team is trained in all all areas of Talent & Human Resources Management. Managerial Training-effective leadership. Team Training-Team development & productivity. Safety Training-work related preventative incidents. 

Workforce Analytics

Reviewing workforce data from a written report? Human Resources Enhanced provides real-time data to ensure you optimize your Human Resource Management needs. Our analytics provides data which focus on PRODUCTIVITY (Performance Management, Work Processes, Talent Development, Workforce Design, External/Internal Communication)!

Employee Relations

Understanding Employee Relations and all it entails can be a bit of a challenge. Human Resources Enhanced alleviates this challenge by handling all areas of employee relations (EEO Compliance, Misconduct Allegations, Discrimination, Disciplinary, Terminations & Arbitrations etc). We also train your leaders on how to handle all areas of Employee Relations.